Business Reference Model

  • Introduction
    • Definition/Description (What) – the Business Reference Model (BRM) provides planning and evaluation practices to document existing geospatial capabilities and identify requirements for new system investment alignment.Purpose/Function (Why) – enables individual business investments, through collaborative governance …...more

  • Business Reference Model(s) Approach
    • The GIRA BRM will focus upon a practical approach to framing the business and functional capabilities and requirements of the geospatial enterprise, based upon the Governance Structure. The geospatial BRM will leverage The Common Approach …...more

  • Operational Requirements Documentation
    • At its core, an architecture framework begins with the understanding that technology investments and development should be planned – and that the mission or business owner, not the technology providers, should determine what is needed …...more

  • Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrix
    • The Baseline Assessment is more than just an inventory of investments; but serves as a mechanism to normalize and compare investments; a means to demonstrate to Executive Leadership the magnitude of the collective geospatial need …...more

  • Stakeholder Performance Guide Business
    • The Performance Guidance provides a summation of the key decision points necessary to determine the most effective and efficient design, development, and implementation of the geospatial system investment. Table 3. Stakeholder Performance Guide: Business STAKEHOLDER PERFORMANCE …...more

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